May 15, 2018 § Leave a comment

Inside a keepsake box, in ribbon wrapped
Oh memory! In words forgotten, caught.
A glittering within bright papers trapped
Delight, as shining as if newly wrought

A gift surprise where so much once had been
The dreams poured out, but hope still there within

April 2013


May 8, 2014 § Leave a comment


I’ve started doing a thing when I write a draft. If I cut something out of the section because I start going in a different direction or what I wrote feels out of place, I’ll cut-and-paste that phrase or sentence or paragraph into a bull pen at the end of the section document. Taking a cue from Deviant Art — the online free archive of “amateur” artists — I call this bull pen the Scraps.

Now I don’t have to shut up my internal editor. She’s quite helpful, for me, after all. I can create something that keeps flowing, a nice, clean document.

Sometimes, nothing at all grows out of the Scraps. Then they get dumped into the Notes document for the work in progress. If it’s a short piece, I leave them on the next-to-last-version.

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