Poem 117: Mean Reds

July 22, 2021 § Leave a comment

Mean Reds

This is the hue of my Mean Reds.

This is cruel and wild and violent.

I want to bite something til it bleeds,

pin it down,

and mock its cries;

I want to bite something while it screams.

This sharp-clawed thing has a dragon’s wings.

I know what kind of meal it needs.

It wants to tear my heart

out of me;

It wants to taste the flavor of that meat.

I want to bite something and make it bleed.

I want to swallow blood and vomit fire.

I want to destroy

what I can’t acquire:

the balance of my spirit at peace.

I want to feel flesh cut under my teeth;

I want to rage until I am spent.

Blood and tears have the same salt taste;

This is the hue of my Mean Reds

a darker color than Holly meant.


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