“The Reward of It All,” now available in Fae Love by Elm Books

February 18, 2014 § Leave a comment

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Fae Love contains my faerie love story, “The Reward of It All.” 


The first published story featuring Jouet the faerie and her mortal beloved, Xiaowen, “The Reward of It All” takes its title from Robert Browning’s evocative poem about death, “Prospice.” It was difficult to write a happy-for-now short story for Jouet. I spent the whole time writing it wondering how I could hide the Doom hanging over her future. 


Where any character’s story begins and ends is a slippery thing. Jouet walks a hard road from who she is in this story to her eventual redemption and happy ending. She was first conceived in my mind as a villain, and in other stories she plays an antagonistic or tragic role. For “The Reward of It All,” I wanted to capture that short time when she is truly happy.


The fantasy adventure novel that begins Jouet’s story is still in the early stages of editing and revising, but it exists!


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