Siren’s Watch

January 10, 2017 § Leave a comment


Siren’s Watch


In the roar of the Twelfth Man she hears the sound of the distant, deep ocean

of her sisters, in the crashing waves, singing from the foam

crying, calling: come home, come home

the Siren peeks over the top of her tower; she whispers as rain mists over Elliott Bay,

I have emeralds to watch over.


In the shriek of jet planes descending, she recalls amorous pleas

of sailors as she pulled them into the embrace of gray death

gasping, gurgling: a breath, a breath

the Siren’s crown is a compass rose; she surveys from Leschi to Harbor Island,

I have a map to treasures.


In her clock tower, high above the streets, the Siren watches scenes

of bicycle couriers dispatched by smartphone, meal desires to fulfill

huffing, heaving: a hill, a hill

the Siren looks over the lights of Magnolia; she sighs as dusk settles,

I have a bejeweled city.


Rosemary Smudge

February 7, 2015 § Leave a comment

Inspired by my favorite Edna St. Millay poem, “Rosemary”

For the sake of all the things
That I would restore
I will write new stories
Using old folklore,
Earl Grey, hot, with bergamot
Will be a tea I pour.

For the sake of faded things
That could be bright again
I won’t use an umbrella
against Seattle rain
I will scribble renga,
and sonnets, and cinquain.

Many things are built upon
What once were everyday.
For the sake of humorous hyperbole
That has gone away
I will learn to curse with “Struth!”
and “The devil you say!”.


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