February 10, 2017 § 1 Comment

I wanted wings, but for more than to fly:
To feel the growing of their folded weight
Close-pressed against my body while I lie
Enchambered in a still, suspended state

Spinning deep dreams like a cocoon silk thread;
Then when I wake, to stretch their wonderous span
With caution as I crawl out of my bed
And, drying, flutter like a painted fan

My colors with a slow, sensual sweep;
To bask under the sun’s lingering kiss,
To let the air caress away my sleep;
Beyond the wish to fly, I wanted this;

To show someone the breadth of my feelings
Given their freedom in the form of wings.


Rosemary Smudge

February 7, 2015 § Leave a comment

Inspired by my favorite Edna St. Millay poem, “Rosemary”

For the sake of all the things
That I would restore
I will write new stories
Using old folklore,
Earl Grey, hot, with bergamot
Will be a tea I pour.

For the sake of faded things
That could be bright again
I won’t use an umbrella
against Seattle rain
I will scribble renga,
and sonnets, and cinquain.

Many things are built upon
What once were everyday.
For the sake of humorous hyperbole
That has gone away
I will learn to curse with “Struth!”
and “The devil you say!”.


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