Reading aloud: “duskyjewel”

June 11, 2013 § Leave a comment

Dusky Jewel

I take your silence as I must
The end of this, the end of us
And wonder if these words, you’ve read
And think to censor what I’ve said
But censorship would break our trust
I’m quiet in return, instead.

Or mostly silent – since you see
The one that is a “public” me
So if these days, I show cold
It’s from this longing that I hold
For something that may never be:
Heart’s dear friends, while we grow old.

I have been,in my own way, true
And careful with this love, so new –
A twisted kind of honesty.
Writing verses so you’d see
Reaching out to grasp for you
For you, who never looked for me.

Though still, I’ve hidden, there and here
Anguished with my deepest fear.
Pain and joy, truth and dream,
This love for you is what it seems
The feeling that I hold most dear
As complex as this poem’s rhyme scheme.

How it hurts, to let you go
To think that you will never know
Everything I wish to share,
To give this jewel, bright and rare
To watch you in a dark place stow
Adornment you will never wear.

~ ~ ~ 6/20/04

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