30 Day Writing Meme: Character Identity

July 3, 2016 § Leave a comment

Day 02 → How many char­ac­ters do you have? Do you pre­fer males or females?

Dozens. I have no shortage of ideas, and with ideas often come new cast members. Thank God I do overlap my worlds, and therefore, characters. For me, stories come from the characters. Plot develops from their lives and interactions.

I don’t set out to write characters’ identities. Sometimes, I do "gender bend" or "race bend" a character from their original image; the essence of the character remains. If I have too many similar types I may look at one and think, what if that one was older? Or a tween boy? Or had this appearance to the other characters?

I tend toward characters that female, and there’s been a default to them being cisgendered. At this time, I only have one main character that’s trans; that’s just how she came to me as I was writing out the idea. I have a central, supporting character that is… bigender? I’m not quite sure if Jany is bigender or nonbinary.

I’d like to discover more trans, non-binary, bigender, and varied characters.

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