30 Day Writing Meme: Playing Favorites

July 12, 2016 § Leave a comment

Day 11 Who is your favorite/least favorite char­ac­ter to write (original fiction only)?

I think these questions are getting harder.

Favorites… I find that supporting characters are more fun. Maybe because there’s less pressure? Villains are great, of course. The first characters that come to mind that I can call favorite are Riddle the cat and Argrum the goblin. I’ve developed such a like for Argrum that he’s getting a more important role as a sort of magistrate in a murder mystery.

Alas, it’s often a protagonist that wears the least-favorite banner. If a less central character is a drag, I can make them go away. If the protagonist is dull, it means I have a lot more work to do. Currently, Lolo is coming out flat. She’s going through the motions. I love her, I really do, but writing about her is a chore. She’s drawn on the magic girl template, which is unfortunately not very interesting in and of itself.

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