30 Day Writing Meme: Minor Character

July 21, 2016 § Leave a comment

Day 19 → Favorite minor that decided to shove him­self into the spot­light.

Argrum, a goblin in the goblin market who guides Jouet back to Faerie after she gets lost in the mortal realm, decided that I needed to do more with him. He’s gone from being a fruit seller to being — in another story — the magistrate called in on a questionable death.

The short-statured, so-ugly-he’s-kind-of-beautiful goblin is of Brian Froud stock, all stick-colored skin and knobby joints. He and Jouet make a lovely picture together.

Because of him, I’ve given a lot more thought to how the various types of fae interact. That’s helped me challenge fantasy tropes in my world building.

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