30 Day Writing Meme: Animal Companion

August 2, 2016 § Leave a comment

Day 25 → Do any of your char­ac­ters have pets? Tell us about them.

Riddle is a red point Siamese cat that takes up traveling with the magician Meyer. When he decided that Meyer needed a wife, he caught the faerie Lili while she was dancing in a toadstool ring and brought her back for Meyer. (It was an awkward beginning to Meyer and Lili’s relationship. The ended up happily married, nonetheless.)

Later, in his ninth life, he becomes Genny’s companion. Riddle is not a talking cat. He insists that anyone who listens can understand him; the problem is that most humans don’t know how to listen.

He is fond of fish for dinner, such as a nice whole trout or lightly grilled salmon steak. His favorite activity is bossing his human companion around. His second favorite activity is sleeping, which makes him a very strange cat.

Kitte is a sort-of cat, too, a mechanical sand cat. Kitte is a finely made "engine," adorned with gold filigree, jeweled eyes, and realistic fur. He is a guardian and friend to Farha, a twelve-year-old girl at a hidden research center. He is a talking cat.

Faerie queen Titania keeps a pet human, a Roman soldier that she lured into Faerie many mortal years ago. She keeps him youthful by faerie kisses. He is devoted to Titania.

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