30 Day Writing Meme: First stories

July 5, 2016 § Leave a comment

Day 04→ Your first stories/characters

Most other writers say, when asked about when they began writing, that they started in childhood. While I have been a reader for so long that I can’t recall my experience of learning to read, I didn’t write down the stories in my head until age twelve or so.

In fact, I didn’t start with stories. I started with filk. Filk is when you take a tune and apply it to new lyrics (often with humorous intent). I didn’t know it was filk when I wrote new lyrics to Christmas songs, such as this Halloween version of "Jingle Bells."

(I recall nearly all of it.)

Dashing through the air

on a gray old witch’s broom

"Hey you over there,

Give this witch some room!"

The moon is on the rise,

see the shadows play,

(something something) skies,

cackling all the way!


Eye of newt, hair of cat,

add a touch of slime,

bat’s eyebrow, tongue of cow,

rosemary and thyme!

Mosquito’s warts, lizard tail,

"Would you like to try some?" (hard stress on "you")

(something something, something something)

"Yum yum yum yum yum!"


As far as stories, the two earliest ones I can think of where both because of dreams. The first one was about anthropomorphic mice. It was not completed. I was heavily influenced by the Miss Bianca adventure stories, as well as animated films like The Last Unicorn and The Secret of NIMH. The other story was about a ghost and doomed love; I wrote that one out when I was around 13, later sharing it with close friends.

Then, for a long time, I wrote poetry, with prose as a rare expression. In 2003, my discovery of fanfiction as a thing that exists restarted my exercises in short story, and since then I’ve been working toward the longer format of novels.

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