30 Day Writing Meme: Ages

July 6, 2016 § Leave a comment

Day 05→ By age, who are your youngest /oldest char­ac­ters?

This question stings a little, because it makes me realize that I avoid writing about children as much as I avoid actual children. Yikes.

My youngest character is Cisco from EA, a ten year old, with the next up in age being Farha, who is twelve.

My oldest are the immortals, with faerie Jouet taking the top spot again because she is included in stories set at points across multiple centuries, putting her at 500+ years. I am only counting Louie the angel’s years in physical form, which puts him in second place as 90. The more reasonably aged Kiyomi Sugiyama is in her 80s.

(Everyone else falls into a 15-50 age range.)

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