30 Day Writing Meme: Wwwww

July 7, 2016 § Leave a comment

Day 06 → W__ are you most com­fort­able writ­ing? Use the 5 W’s.

Who: If I’m not careful, all my main characters will be intelligent, introspective introverts in emotional pain who are in a situation of unrequited or otherwise unhappy love.

What: Supernatural! Cross-genre! My comfort zone is urban fantasy, which easily blurs around the edges into horror and mystery.

When: Lately, I really like near-past. History within my lifetime, as nostalgic period pieces. Even in fantasy, I like to tell a story as if it happened somewhere between "once upon a time" and "when I was your age."

Where: West coast USA with the serial numbers shaved off. Fantasy worlds with weather like the Pacific Northwest, and speculative settings riffing off Los Angeles, CA.

Why: Certain themes come up in my writing all the time. While I don’t set out to tell a story to make a point, I do have strong feelings about how the world should be, and I can make a story that resolves along those values. I love a redemption story. I love stories of discovery, with characters who go from a narrow focus to a larger one. I like to write about people who feel broken finding a place where they fit.

That said, I think one of the best things for creativity is to write outside my comfort zone. Visual artists use references, so I like to challenge myself to look closely at stories I don’t like and opinions out of alignment with my own. I feel that I can learn a lot from what didn’t work for me.

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