More Than I Would Want Now

June 15, 2018 § Leave a comment

That’s more than I want now
but it surely looks nice
A lake to swim in, when I’m only
a little thirsty
Beer, when a little bread will do
I don’t need that suite at the Four Seasons
when all I want is your shoulder to lean on
and the scent of you



May 15, 2018 § Leave a comment

Inside a keepsake box, in ribbon wrapped
Oh memory! In words forgotten, caught.
A glittering within bright papers trapped
Delight, as shining as if newly wrought

A gift surprise where so much once had been
The dreams poured out, but hope still there within

April 2013

Those roses with thick, thorny stems

November 1, 2017 § Leave a comment

Those roses with thick, thorny stems
lasted three years and more
growing on tall, tenaciously
after the business closed

Rooted firmly on the western corner
of that forgotten property
a building that once housed a grocery mart
the kind of place well-off people might shop

Before the uncaring landlord fenced in
the roses and the walls pasted with bills
homeless men used the roof
they slept in the safety of daylight
guarded by beautiful sentinels with
large green leaves and rich red blooms

Those roses with thick, thorny stems
that for three years or more survived neglect
That bloomed richly red amid dark green leaves
today lay piled in a heap
cut down to the raked dirt

I mourn the loss no one sees
the waste unheeded

Where can a man sleep?
Where can beauty grow?


Autumn Crows

October 25, 2017 § Leave a comment

So quickly comes the autumn chill
With rain-fat clouds in a changeling sky
With shortened days, and harvest’s thrill
The sultry sun is suddenly shy.
Wool and warmth are sought in clothes;
Noisy crowds of bold black crows.


Floating Leaves

October 10, 2017 § Leave a comment

As measured as the falling sand encased
within its glass pours its grains,
Our delicate threads of friendship baste
the pieces of a new pattern.
With Silver Needles, we stitch the hour.
Steeped into the tea we share
A quiet kind of renewal is fixed ~
A steady seam, a sure repair,
And the tranquility of floating leaves,
Fashioned to unfurl like a flower,
To mend what I would have thrown away.
With a paper crane I give wings
to the words I cannot shape to say.
Invitations, and green tea ~
These things hold a simple power.


Summer’s Day

September 10, 2017 § Leave a comment

His love is like a summer’s day
More lovely than William’s sonnet
Like the restless wind of a woodland glen
And all the scents upon it.

Herbs crushed beneath my step
Only mimic his skin’s perfume
Beneath my lips like raspberries
And sweet as a wild bloom

He is as warm as the sleepy sun
And calm as the afternoon
His embrace is like the comforting silk
Of a moth’s unbroken cocoon

I wish my summer’s day would last
Til May becomes December
But summer days I cannot keep
I only must remember.


The earth trembled, but only where I stood

August 10, 2017 § Leave a comment

The earth trembled, but only where I stood
And the sky, no longer blue, split a seam
Shivering, I gasped within the fog
As in the moment waking from a dream

Overturned, the basket of the world
Spilled out the messy contents of my head
I leaped for down, but upward made my fall
I reached for peace, and found my love instead

My thoughts spin, and from that spindle drops
A thread of rich and variegated hues
And while I sit here plucking at the knots
To salvage wisps of floss that I can use

Then thread through a needle of my hope
And patch the gaping rends within the skies
The earth trembles — but only where I am
As if the universe has grown in size